Tuesday, 8 January 2013



Don't you just hate that feeling when you can't find that article that you read online or that link to that awesome digital case study that you want to reference. Thanks to Springpad I never have this issue.

I have been using Springpad for over two years and it is the ultimate research tool. If you know how to use Pinterest, then you won't have any issues using Springpad, you will find many similarities between the two (I think Pinterest based a lot of their thinking and functionality around Springpad). Just like Pinterest, Springpad also has a "spring" button that can be installed on your browser.

Collaborative research has never been easier and this is one tool that every strategy team should be using on a daily basis. It is extremely easy to use and everything sits in the cloud, so you have access to your research anywhere, anytime and on any device. (iPad App and iPhone App).

All you have to do is go to www.springpad.com and register, you can do this using an email address or you can use your existing Twitter or Facebook profile. Once you have done this you can start "springing", start off by creating your first Notebook and give it a name. You can now start saving or "springing" information to this notebook.  Where Springpad becomes really useful is if you have to work on a project with a team or if you have to compile research around a specific topic. This way you can create multiple notebooks for different projects.

You can invite other users to "spring" to a particular notebook and thus all the research is consoildated in the cloud. When any of the users "spring" anything they can add a discription, include a comment and tag the content with a relevant name for easy reference at a later stage. Springpad users can also follow one another and invite friends just like you can on Pinterest.

You can set the notebooks that you create to either be private (where only those that you invite can see it and access the information) or it can be public where anybody can access it. You are also able to customize the design, layout and navigation of your notebooks. Now when you are trying to find that article or case study, all you do is go to your Springpad, filter the results by searching for the relevant keyword/tag  and that's it you're sorted.

Here is a link to my "Digital Notebook" it has loads of great insights and research that I have conducted over the years, enjoy.  http://sprng.me/9odpm

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