Saturday, 19 January 2013



A friend @GeneaF shared this campaign with me and I thought I had to share it. I loved it for the simplicity and the absolute effectiveness. I can just imagine the brief: "we need to advertise our dental floss and we need to increase sales".  

How do you advertise dental floss and make it exciting and stand out? Well, let me show you how...

Insight:  "dental floss removes annoying food remains from your teeth, making sure you don't look like an idiot with something stuck in your teeth."

Insight:  "how do emphasise the fact that when food is stuck in your teeth, that is all people see..." Have a look at the following print Ads, do you notice anything abnormal? 

In case you you missed it: 
Print Ad 1 - The women has an extra finger 
Print Ad 2 - There is a random floating arm
Print Ad 3 - The man is missing an ear. 

Extremely simple campaign but unbelievably effective and definitely one that achieved the key objectives. Great work by Y&R Brazil! 

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