Tuesday, 8 January 2013




Pinterest 101 

Today I realised that there are still people in South Africa who haven't heard about Pinterest and have no idea what it's all about. Based on this insight I have compiled this Prezi that is in essence a Pinterest 101. Even though you might think Pinterest has no relevance to your brand or business I would like to challenge this. 

Pinterest is the latest "buzz word" going around that lets users save or "pin" and share images and videos found anywhere on the web.  They can add any image or video that appeals to their interests and pin it to t
heir virtual pinboards. There are a number of different categories on Pinterest, from design, fashion, technology, d├ęcor, fitness, cooking and more. There is something for everyone. Pinterest used a lot of the principles and methodologies that got Facebook to where they are today. Users can follow specific pinboards, follow friends and brands and "repin" any of their content to their pinboards. 

If you look at the stats, this is the latest "big thing" in the social media space. Everyone is talking about it and everyone is "pinning". This is just another prime example of why companies like Flikr  have to continually innovate and adopt to changes in consumer behavior and the latest trends. Pinterest is the fastest standalone site in history to cross the 10 million mark and the referral stats are astonishing. 

By having a Pinterest account for your brand you are showing that you are in touch with the latest trends, it is relevant to consumer and their lives and the potential referral traffic that can be generated is an extremely cost effective way of getting visits to your website.

It is also very easy to integrate your Pinterest account into your Facebook page thus creating another consumer touch point to drive traffic to your website and once again add relevance to your consumers "hey I use Pinterest and now this brand does as well and they actually have some very cool Pinboards, I am definitely going to repin that image....". Here is a link to help you set up you Pinterest account in Facebook. 

So start PINNING today :) Visit www.pinterst.com today to create your account (note you have to request an invite, this might take between 2-4 days, it's worth the wait). 

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